Gruebb Formulates Speciality Lubricants and Greases
For Industrial and Marine Application


Gruebb are well known in Europe and north America as suppliers of high performance cold drawing oils for stainless steel tube and rod drawing lubricants.  Our formulations work well and are cost effective.  We also formulated and supply a water-based gel to a global manufacturer of tube bending machines for stainless steel tube manipulation under their own brand.  In the marine market, our Ramonol Advanced and White greases have built an enviable reputation for working well under extreme conditions and we've brought that same focus on performance to the bicycle market with a ultra low friction, water-resistant grease in the final stages of development. READ MORE


Save your cycling legs

It's taken more than two years of investigating chemistries, grease types and testing, to find a grease with the lowest power consumption in our bike wheel bearing test.  We evaluated all the competitor products we could find plus our Ramonol Universal that's widely used for mountain bike and motocross applications.   Essentially, we created problems for ourselves as we wanted a grease that could also be used in marine applications ie having excellent water-washout properties, good corrosion inhibition with sea water, superior frictional and lubricating properties.  We'll launch Ramonol Ultraglide Pro later this year.  In the interim, we're looking for cycling or wheelchair racing teams who would like to receive free samples to test and give their opinions.