Using the right grease is important

28 March 2017

Using the right grease is important

If you think grease is just grease you couldn’t be more wrong. There are many types of grease chemistry and if you are not using the right one, you are likely paying to replace parts unnecessarily, as well as having to do more maintenance.  The right grease for the job will save you time and provide greater protection to the equipment/fittings you rely on. However, attention must also be paid to compatibility problems that can arise if you mix grease types – it can turn to oil.  So if you are changing grease types, make sure you clean out all the old stuff first.   Gruebb Ltd is a specialist lubricants company. We entered the marine market in response to many enquiries for an alternative when Duckhams stopped producing Keenol (a long time marine favourite).


As a replacement, we developed a high quality white lithium soap based grease with similar properties and named it Ramonol White. It quickly became well established in the leisure marine industry, where it is predominantly used in stern tubes and steering systems.  Lithium soap based greases are the most widely used by industry; they perform well and offer excellent value for money.   However, Gruebb is a technology driven company and we saw the need for a higher performance grease that could tolerate the harsh salt water spray conditions experienced by yachts, motor cruisers and commercial vessels where equipment problems cannot be tolerated. 


This led to the development of Ramonol Advanced, a superior calcium sulphonate grease that provides a higher degree of water resistance, excellent adhesion, plus exceptional anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection.  Although Calcium sulphonate greases are more expensive than lithium soap, it usually pays to use the best. The whitening agent added to Ramonol White and Advanced gives visibility, particularly in water, and the microscopic solids added keep surfaces separated, preventing corrosive welding and seizure. This is a great benefit for equipment that is often idle for lengthy periods. 


Ramonol Advanced was initially aimed at the superyacht market as a “one grease for all applications” concept but quickly found its way into other applications including fishing boats, mountain bikes, motocross racers and remote deep-sea equipment.   We regularly find enthusiasts looking for high quality grease use our products for unexpected applications.  As an example look at the Wicken Windmill Partnership in the News section.  Ramonol Advanced can be used with confidence on winches, seacocks, deck gear, blocks, bearings etc, and is also ideal for wire rope protection. It is also suitable for jet drives and grease packed variable and folding propellers where wash out is a persistent problem.  We have reports of yacht winches still working well five years after applying Ramonol Advanced with no further treatment. Several well known firms in the marine industry use it almost exclusively.   Good though our products are, they are formulated for particular roles.  We became concerned when we heard that people were using our white greases in boat trailer wheel bearings.  They are not designed for high speed bearings and we do not recommend them for this.


Digging further, we learnt of the many wheel bearing failures from boat trailer owners and, welcoming a challenge, decided what was needed was a grease similar to Ramonol Advanced, but without the solids and based on a thicker oil that is more suited for use in high speed bearings. As a result, we produced a new high/medium speed calcium sulphonate bearing grease called Ramonol Universal in 2013.  All products from Gruebb are trialed for six months with a wide range of typical users before putting them on the market.  Ramonol Universal is getting excellent reviews, particularly from users who regularly have to immerse trailers in salt water.  It has exceptionally high water resistance, first class corrosion and wear resistance, excellent adhesion and high load bearing capacity.  This makes it an ideal choice for many industrial, marine, off-road motorsport, mountain bike and commercial equipment applications where protection and endurance are high priorities.  One commercial yacht delivery company towing loaded trailers over very long distances rates Ramonol Universal as the best grease they have ever used. 


Don Campbell   March 2017